Deactivate rule in inherited profile

(Ondrej Lerch) #1

It would be nice if we can deactivate specific rules in inherited profile.

Let’s assume that we have COMPANY profile and PROJECT1 + PROJECT2 profiles inheriting from it.

Let’s assume that there is RULE in COMPANY profile, this rule makes sense in PROJECT1 but not in PROJECT2.

Ideally we would like to deactivate RULE in PROJECT2.

Currently there are 2 workarounds possible:

  • We can change RULE severity to INFO and treat such issues as to be ignored, but this is not ideal as INFO issues still keep showing
  • We can stop using profile inheritance, but this is not ideal since in other scenarios rule inheritance is beneficial

Is INFO workaround the right approach?

Or should there be deactivate button in new SonarQube version?

Thanks for your feedback.
Ondrej Lerch