Quality profile query

I have a default sonar quality profile, now I have made a copy of the profile called copy profile… I have extended a new profile out of copy profile called extended profile.
Now, I can see I cannot deactivate a rule in extended profile, can I deactivate a rule in copy profile? will this applied to extended profile??

using sonarqube 8.5.1

Hey there.

You cannot deactivate rules on child profiles (“extended” profiles) that are turned on in the parent profile. You can do whatever you like to copies of Quality Profiles that aren’t inheriting from another profile, and those changes will be reflected in any profiles extended from that profile.

Hey Colin,

Thanks for the reply.
So if i deactivate rule in copy profile , all the profiles extended from it will be applied with this change.
Now, If I want to add it back, I can just activate it the same way I deactivated it…
Is my understanding right?



Any comments on this issue?

sonarqube quality gate status check shows waiting in azure devops pipeline for few projects.
where as this works fine for other projects.

I verified and the PAT seems okay.

Let me know what could be the reason?


Hey @padma_priyakantipaka

Stacking issues into the same question won’t get them resolved any faster. Since we worked through the original question of this topic, I’m going to close it at this time.