Login to SonarCloud Organization with Azure AD Authentication


(Kasun Kodagoda) #1

We have created a paid SonarCloud Organization for our private projects. We also use Azure DevOps and our users logs in to Azure DevOps using their Work/School Accounts using Azure AD. Currently, the way I can add the users to the Organization is by Searching for the users and add them to the organization. For this to work, our users first need to log in to SonarCloud using their Azure AD Work/School account. Then only I am able to search for them. Adding users this way presents some administrative overhead for us.

We were using SonarQube previously, and we had it hosted on our own VM. And We had used Azure Active-Directory Plugin for SonarQube installed and configured so our users can directly login to SonarQube using AAD without the need of adding them to manually.

My question is is there a way to set up authentication with AAD just like we did in SonarQube to avoid the administrative overhead we would have when logging in using Azure DevOps accounts?

(Julien Lancelot) #3

Hi Kasun,

If my understanding is correct, what you’re asking for is a way for users that authenticate to SonarCloud to automatically be member of your organization ?
If this is the case, this is not yet possible for the moment, but we are definitely thinking of it.

Julien Lancelot