Issues in registering new users into sonar cloud within organizations

Unable to add users into sonarcloud within organizations .Please help.


Could you please clarify what you’re trying to do :

  • Are you trying to authenticate on SonarCloud ?
  • Are you trying to add members to your organizations ?

Julien Lancelot

Hi ,

Yes ,I am trying to add users from my organization but am unable to add them into sonarcloud. When they tried to authenticate with organization email id ,getting the above (snapshot) error.


@julienlancelot We are trying to login using federated account.So the same login id is used in both Azure AD directories - ours and clients AD. Earlier when we used to register it would automatically link with clients AD and we could give permissions to SonarCloud to access the data. But now it seems to be linking with ours where we do not have sufficient permissions.

@julienlancelot Note that this error is appearing only for new users that are trying to register to SonarCloud using their Azure DevOps option. Existing users are able to access like before.

Could you please try to authenticate using a private navigation, or clean cookies related to Azure DevOps (I can’t help you on this one as there are a lot fo way to authenticate on Azure DevOps) ?

As we’ve changed the way to authenticate (we’ve added the need to access to resource, your cookies may not be correct.

@julienlancelot Please confirm if “App Registrations” settings in Azure AAD has to be “YES” for this to work. Sharing the screenshot of the setting.

Hi @Shiva_kumar_K_J,

If my understanding is correct, this setting has no consequence on SonarCloud authentication.


Thanks @julienlancelot

HI @julienlancelot ,

We are still facing the same issue while registering the new user.
what permissions does it need on Azure to work without any issues?