Login to SonarCloud Organization with external AD/LDAP

Is there a way to integrate SonarCloud with Active Directory or LDAP? We are currently using self-hosted SonarQube integrated with LDAP and it works really well. We would like to migrate to SonarCloud.


You can use a work/school Azure DevOps account to authenticate on SonarCloud.

Julien Lancelot

Hi Julien,

So in short, without Azure DevOps account - there is no other way (SAML, SSO) to authenticate users via external user directories?


Indeed, that’s what Julien meant.

Hey Guys, Can someone share the documentation for Integration of Azure DevOps AD to SonarCloud?

Is there a roadmap for supporting SAML/SSO with sonarcloud ?

This is not planned to add SAML support.
SSO is supported by definition on the target environments that are Azure DevOps Service, GitHub.com, Bitbucket Cloud and GitLab.com since SonarCloud is delegating authentication through OAuth2 with those services.