Unable to find Azure Devops users

I already read some articles in community but I still searching a solution.

We have an Azure Devops organization that is connected with AAD to authenticate users.
Since we started in SonarCloud with a private organization integrated with Azure Devops we can’t syncronize members.

Actually, our users have been creating account on SonarCloud portal and just like that we can find and add the users but never syncronized automatically.
There is a way to make the communication between AAD/Azure Devops users and SonarCloud work?
I can’t see any option in SonarCloud organization settings.

Hi @stheferri,

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Unfortunately, organization sync is only supported through Github at the moment. However, the idea of having a solution for all platforms is already in the pipeline.
You can vote for it on our product board portal card: https://portal.productboard.com/sonarsource/1-sonarcloud/c/284-onboarding-of-larger-teams


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