Azure DevOps group sync in SonarCloud

we are planning to migrate our self-hosted SonarQube instance to SonarCloud.

In our old SonarQube instance we used the Azure Active Directory authentication plugin which allows group sync between the AAD groups and the SonarQube groups.

In SonarCloud we are using the Azure DevOps authentication, as our Azure DevOps is synched with our AAD. Unfortunately I can not find an option for group sync on SonarCloud.

Is there a way to get it enabled in SonarCloud? Thanks in advance.

Hi @vittoriocanilli
you cannot install any plugin on SonarCloud. And indeed you cannot synch groups between AzDO Services and SonarCloud.
And Azure AD authentication is considered for a future addition, with no ETA.

I would therefore recommend that:

Hi @Sylvain_Combe,

thanks for your reply and for pointing me to the SonarCloud roadmap portal: I will definitely contribute on that!

Hi @Sylvain_Combe,

I have tried to contribute to 2 existing feature requests on the SonarCloud roadmap portal, but when I click on Submit I get this error message:

Is there any issue on the portal right now? Or any limitation on characters? I added an URL in the submitted text: could it have been the issue?

Thanks in advance.

I checked on my side and I got no problem, maybe some security rule on your corporate network is getting in the way?

Hello @Sylvain_Combe,

I have tried this morning again and I have managed to submit my feedbacks on the portal successfully.

Here are the feature requests that I have contributed to, as future reference: