Legal concern - changing existing issue severity level icons

Hello community :slight_smile:

we currently develop our custom Sonarlint extension for Guidewire Studio (based on Intelli-J Idea).
As we would like to implement a new functionality we need to distinguish for user some rules which will support it disregarding their type and severity level. One of the ideas is to modify existing Sonarlint severity level icons or add additional custom icon to issues however we have doubts if this is acceptable from legal perspective.
Attaching an image of the icons we mentioned below:


Could you please advise?

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Hello @Jakub89.

Welcome to the community and thanks for your question. Great that you decided to ask first.
We will answer here after internal discussion. It can take some time.
Have a good day!

Hello @Kirill_Knize,
thanks for cosidering my question.
Please kindly let me know if there is any update for that :slight_smile:

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Hello, is there any update on above? :slight_smile:
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Hello @Jakub89.

Sorry for long response.
I’m sorry but unfortunately I don’t have any news for you at the moment. I’ve sent request to our legal team and still waiting for the response. This message is just to let you know that you are not forgotten. It’s just taking more time than expected.
I’ll get back to you as soon as I get answer.

Hello @Jakub89

So the answer is:

  1. What you are doing is fine as long as you do not call it SonarLint and respect the LGPL license. The biggest constraint being that you should make available publicly what you change.
  2. More specifically on the icons: you can replace them by your own, this is fine. But you cannot change (modify) the current icons - they belong to SonarSource.

Sorry answer took so long.