Where to find the svg for the Eclipse SonarLint plug-in


I wanted to update one of your Eclipse view icons and send a pull
request, as the Sonar Line Rule view icon looks bad in the dark theme.

I just cloned https://github.com/vogellacompany/sonarlint-eclipse and
was looking for the svg files for your icons. But this repo seems not
to contains the svg files. Can you tell me where I can find them?

Best regards, Lars


Hi Lars,

We have some SVG for the SonarSource/SonarLint logos, but I made the SonarLint icons myself directly in the 2 resolutions, not using SVG. It was a quick attempt to improve the situation, but I guess our UX team will have to work on that at some point. If you have ideas, feel free to share a new SVG.

I have created a ticket, but can you elaborate on what you think is not looking good?

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Hi Julien,

the help icon looks bad on the SonarLint Rule Description. See screenshot. If you have the svg the fix should be easy. The help icon is also available in the eclipse.platform.images Git repo, in case you do not have the help icon.


Best regards, Lars

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