SonarLint connected mode doesn't update rules severity in VSCode


I have a VSCode Project with SonarLint extension and I use it in connected mode with my sonarqube server.
I change the severity of a rule in sonarqube quality profile of my project from “Minor” to “Mayor” bug and then I update all project bindings to SonarQube in VSCode. After I can see that my code violates the rule what it’s ok but when I click and select “Open description of sonarlint rule” it appears with “minor” severity.
Is this a bug? Am I doing something wrong?

I’m using:

  • sonarlint 1.15.0
  • vscode 1.45.1

Thank you very much

Hello, thank you for your feedback.

This is the intended behavior - and I understand how it can be confusing: the severity shown in the “Rule Description” view is always the default one as declared by the analyzer, and not the one set in your quality profile on the server.

However, the issues listed in the “Problems” view should sport the expected severity.

This is kind of a tricky issue, because several folders in the same workspace can be bound do different servers, with different quality profiles, or even not bound to a server at all. We already have a ticket to track this, and currently I am not sure exactly how it should be addressed :sweat_smile:

Thank you very much for your answer.

Yes, I have noticed in “Problems view” the severity icon changes, but it’s not easy to realize. If you click in the problem to open description it shows default severity instead your asigned severity in custom quality profile.

It’s a bit confusing.

Anyway,if there is a ticket for analyze and resolve this behaviour, I’ll follow it.

Thank you!

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