Sonarlint VSCode Extension Help - Filtering based on Severity

Hey Guys,

Currently tasked with creating some rudimentary quality gates and linting rules. Want to get some incite on the SonarLint Rules in VSCode, and specifically if there is someway I can filter for only Blocker and Critical severity vulnerabilities.

Looking to build some rules that only have vulnerabilities similar to this, and then slower add more that are less severe in my opinion including bugs and code smell.

Can we filter and organize these in anyway?


Hello @kevandersen.

For the goal you trying to achieve is better to connect SonarLint to SonarQube or SonarCloud server. If you will do it, SonarLint will pickup active Quality Profile for the bound project from the server and will ignore local settings. So you can configure Quality Profile you like on server, apply it to the project and bind local project in SonarLint to project on :sonarqube: or :sonarcloud:.
SonarLint is not designed to configure local Quality Profiles. Without connecting to :sonarqube: or :sonarcloud: you can still enable and disable rules as you like, but yes, as you already noticed, interface was not really made for extensive work on this.
If you will need help with connecting project you can find corresponding topics on this community forum.
Have a good day!

Much appreciated information. Okay I will try to do that now, and report back otherwise if I run into issue.

Referencing this post unless there is a better one: