GitLab merge request comment's sonarlint image points to missing image

I am running SonarQube 9.3.0 and I performed a pull request analysis. I noticed that the image URL used for the SonarLint icon in the merge request’s comment points to an invalid URL that returns a 404. The URL of the image in the comment points to <sonarqube_server>/static/developer-server/common/sonarlint-16px.png which returns a 404 Not Found error. All of the other images/icons in the comment link to their images correctly, just the SonarLint one appears to result in 404.

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Thanks for this report!

Is your SonarQube instance using a customized context? E.G. http://myhost:9000/sonarqube_path?


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Nope, no customized context.


Okay thanks! This is flagged for more expert attention. Hopefully they’ll be along soon.


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Warm welcome @krische ,

Thanks for reporting the issue.

Indeed, SonarLint icon in Pull Request decoration was missing for some DevOps Platforms. The fix is already on its way and will be included in the next release of SonarQube. You can track its progress here.

Thank you again,

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