SonarQube and Lint report different category for specific issue

Hi all,
we have been runnig SonarQube for some time and have started using SonarLint with some of our Teams.
For specific issues we are experiencing different reported issue levels ( Critical in Sonarlint, Major on SonarQube). Our ruleset on the server has been modified from the default. We changed the issue from Critical down to major. However SonarLint is still reporting the old Category of “Critical”.
Is there a way to change an issue Category or are those properties not synced from the server?

We define our standards and how we fix our issues by which category the issue are reported as. A mismach results in us prioritizing the wrong issues.
Help would be appreciated. Can provide more details and information if needed.

Kind regards

Hello @cerberus, welcome to the SonarSource community!

It’s good to know SonarLint is used even in Hades. :sweat_smile:

It sounds like you might not be using Connected Mode. It will allow your team members to connect their individual IDEs to your SonarQube server, which should then synchronize the Quality Profiles used for their projects, including any customized severity levels. Give it a shot!