Last analysis failed Analysis ID “AY3CON7VQBg0hYjLNefv”

  • ALM used Github
  • Languages of the repository : Java JavaScript HTML TypeScript CSS XML
  • Only if the SonarCloud project is public, the URL


The first build on our project worked as expected, we have all the issues listed.
All the subsequent pull request fail :

What can we do about this ?

Thanks for the help,

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I think the issue is that the project key was changed.

We deleted the project, recreated it, did not modify the project key, and now everything works as expected.

It is, however, not very practical to not have any log to troubleshoot what the issue is.



Thanks for the feedback. It’s indeed super boring to be stuck in front of weird UUIDs and not be able to act on it.
We are thinking these days about solutions about how to improve this. We need to find a way to bring back to users a minimum of information so you can understand why this is failing and be able to act on the error messages.

Can you tell me in your situation what happened? When you are talking about “project key was changed”, who did that on your side and why?


Hi Alexandre,

Here was the workflow we used :

Create the project from Sonarcloud (to get the binded project)
Leave the Auto analysis do its thing once (I don’t think we can do anything else)
Disable the auto analysis
Change the key of the project to the root pom’s “groupId:artifactId”.

Then we changed our mind because the CI analysis was taking a bit more time than we were confortable with. And this is when we found out Automatic Analysis did not work anymore.


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