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Hello, we are seeing failures in our Github Checks for our web project (Java and more ). Any insight would be appreciated. We are currently in the process of comparing Jenkins and automatic build. We had a first successful scan on the project. We then updated the project key with groupId:artifactId, analyzed with jenkins and maven, then we enabled automatic analysis again and now it fails.

Thank you for your help,

Hi @adambir ,

I can see the latest automated analyses failed as you mentioned. I see that the project does not appear as bound (you would see the GitHub icon otherwise in SonarCloud). I don’t have the means to fix this issue, however as I see this project does not have much history: you may simply attempt to delete the project, and import it anew from GitHub.

I also see recent non-automated analyses failed because they would make the organization exceed LoC limits.

Hope this helps!

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