SonarCloud Analysis Loop or not ending

Hello… my SonarCloud Analysis is not working on my project… The analysis is running since yesterday on some PRs…

The analysis is configured to run automatically, triggered by PRs on dev branch. This problem has appeared on november 17th.

What should I do? I’ve already disabled the automatic analysis and switched to “on” again… but the issue remains the same :confused:

Hi @kyle_gass , could you provide us with an analysis id that is/was running long and/or your organisation key? If necessary i can send you a private message for you to send this information, just let me know.

Hello :slight_smile: I can send you by PM the organizationKey @Alexandre_Holzhey , so please send me a pm

Hello @kyle_gass . Looking at our logs i can see 229 analysis for pull requests last week at your project. All of them were successful and only one took longer (around 30 seconds), all the others were quite fast (around 6 seconds). None failed.
But, i was able to see an error in the scanner logs while it check if your project is bound to ALM (GitHub). I will investigate a bit more and come back when possible. Meanwhile, could you tell me if you can see a GitHub logo at your project overview page, like this example (between the PUBLIC and the star):
Screenshot 2021-11-22 at 08.38.51
If you can, could you click on it and see if it opens your project page ate GitHub as expected? Did you renamed your organisation and/or the project name/key recently?

Hello! Thanks for the help
Yes, it redirects to github normally when clicking the github logo

Hello Alexandre, how r u doing?

Do you have any news for my case?

any help here?

Hey @kyle_gass

Sorry for the delay. Alex was on holiday today, I’ll sync with him on Monday and hopefully we can provide an update to you then.

I’ve deleted the project on SonarCloud, added it again, but the analysis is running till today… What happened?

Hey Colin, How r u doing? Any news for my problem ? :confused:

Hello @kyle_gass , sorry for the late response.

Could you please tell me exactly when and how did you proceed to add this project into SonarCloud?

I’ve added again the project in november 24th
anytime like 1pm gmt -3

Guys, could you please help me? My project is running without sonar analysis, and this is the paid version


I’ve discovered that we had a lot of failing tests in our codebase, so I’ve just ignored them, and added SonarCloud to the project again.

Received: Your analysis with ID “xxxxxxx” (I can provide it by DM) has failed: the analysis of your project exceeded the maximum memory available for Automatic Analysis.

Since I’ve sent the heap dump to @jbeleites and have no anwser, I’m posting here again…
We’re without sonar analysis since NOVEMBER.

I think this will be a good point to think when renewing with SonarCloud.

Hello, It’s me, again.

I have some analysis ID here… I can provide it by DM too.
Right now I’m trying to ignore a lot of modules, but it not seems to help on sonarcloud. Any help please? I don’t know what’s going on!

Ps: you prefer giving me a badge or warning (to read the rules…for just asking for help) instead of helping me to solve my problem…
I’ll think better before I renew the contract with Sonar.

Any help here?