I am a little frustrated with Sonarcloud

I do not use SonarCloud every day (the platform), so, I just noticed now, that any project I added to sonar cloud does not scan anymore, even on new code submission

I tried to re-scan it, and after an hour searching for some sort of button that says “scan now”, I gave up and wanted to ask here.
I clicked the “?” and then “Community forum”, which lead me to a 404 page (link is https://community.sonarsource.com/c/help/sc?_gl=1*lb3c17*_gcl_au*ODYyNTA2NDU5LjE2ODc3NTYxMzM.*_ga*MTEzOTg1MTg3Mi4xNjg3NzU2MTMz*_ga_9JZ0GZ5TC6*MTY4Nzc1NjEzMy4xLjEuMTY4Nzc1NjYwNy4zOS4wLjA.&_ga=2.123049163.1556556767.1687756133-1139851872.1687756133)

I would like to ask:

  • why did sonar cloud just stop analysing my projects?
  • how do I actually manually trigger a scan?
  • will sonarcloud fix the 404 link in the help menu?
  • all in all, I know this is a free product (even if I pay 10 monthly it is still like free), but, I feel it is not really made easy for the user. Remember that we do not interact in sonar cloud ever day! We stop a project and then expect it to scan… so to alert us, if anything wrong. Yet, that does not seem to work, and I found out the hard way. Knowing I made a bug, and seen the still green label on my git hub project made me suspicious and got confirmed that it did not scan my project since over 3 months despite almost daily commits.

Hi @smileBeda,

Sorry to hear about your frustration.
I can confirm that the link in the help menu doesn’t work, and we will work on a fix.

Regarding the analysis, from your description, it seems that you’re using Github and the Automatic analysis method. Is this a correct assumption?

Can you please share one of your public projects that are on SonarCloud where the analysis is not working?


Yes, it is frustrating. I have two open questions at the moment.

I am very happy with the analysis of the projects.

Only configurations that are described in the documentation or as a solution here in the community do not work properly.

My feeling is that the analysis in SonarCloud is correct, but the implementation of the documented configurations and behaviours has not been or is not complete.

I only have a developer paid plan but would still like better support, including getting everything to work as documented.

Can I inbox you somehow? It is a private project.


I contacted @smileBeda on a private thread to discuss the issue in one of the projects.
It seemed to be a misconfiguration issue. The user didn’t come back to me after a while. Hence I’m unassigning myself.

Feel free to post if there is new information.


Hi, I apologise for not replying, I somehow missed the messages.

I am still not sure why this does not work anymore, as I clearly did not change anything in the settings ever. But, I simply deleted and will re-register the projects, so I guess that will solve it.


No worries, please let me know if the issue has been resolved by re-creating the projects.
In general, Automatic Analysis should kick in once you import a compatible project from GitHub.

You can know more about the eligibility of the project after importing it by going to Project Overview → Administration → Analysis Method, then hovering over the “?” symbol to see how much of your project code is eligible.

Also, make sure you don’t have a sonar.properties file in your root folder.