AutoScan not working after a push. Does input stop him to work?

Hi everyone,

I have no problem to analyze my code when i do the commands in a shell to update sonarcloud, but when i tried to make AutoScan work, after pushing a
file, it still doesnt work. My app is a little game, which requires input() and if there is none, the app just gonna wait for ever. Is it this or something else ?

Thank you


your project ( is not bound to your repository - which is one of the requirements for AutoScan. This is why the analysis cannot work. Here’s what to do:

  • Delete your project
  • Bind your personal SonarCloud organization to your GitHub account
    1. In the organization menu, click “Administration > Organization settings”
    2. Click on “Choose an organization on GitHub”, select your personal GitHub org and finish the process
  • Recreate your project though, where you will select your repository

Once this is done, AutoScan will work.


Ok nice, it works now.


The first version of this Beta feature works only for GitHub repositories.
The automatic analysis can be activated only on projects which were set up through the SonarCloud web interface.

i didnt understand that i had also to link also my organizations. My bad, thank you.


You’re right, it’s not clear in the documentation. I will fix this.

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