The last analysis has failed AY1k2iUQuCYi7k6zNANj

Failing to apply autoscan on my java maven project

Hi Joseph!

We had an incident with our Automatic Analysis service on the 1st of February when your failed analysis was running. Many analyses failed with an out-of-memory error.

This has been resolved since then and I expect your new analyses should be working fine now.

If that’s not the case don’t hesitate to reach out in this thread with a more recent analysis failure ID.

Hi, it seems that it was not completely resolved, i keep getting analysis failures :slight_smile:
Last analysis failed Analysis ID “AY2TMezuBiwf_3ma_v90”
Do you think you could give me some tips to unblock it @Gregoire_Aubert ?

Still ongoing, Last analysis failed Analysis ID “AY2TMezuBiwf_3ma_v90”