Is it possible to recover the active rules for an old quality gate


we have migrated from 7.9 to 8.9 version.

we had the c++ (community) 1.3.2 and we move to 2.0.4

The problem we have right now is that all our quality profiles for c++ have disappeared due to right now it is call cxx (containing just the sonar way with all the rules deactivated).

is it possible to get the previous sonar way configuration? I know that around 650 rules were activated on this profile and we need it to configure our current quality profile.

I have talked with the support team and they removed it from the database, but maybe, due it´s a sonar way configuration (even outdated) is possible to get it

I really appreciate your help.



The Cxx plugin is not supported in this community. Please direct your questions about it to its maintainers.