No C++ rules to select in a Quality Profile

Hi Everyone


  • Sonarqube server Developer Edition
  • sonarscanner 3.3.031492

I have no active rules in my built-in quality profile for C++. When I copy/extend the built-in one and try and activate more rules there are none to select (as in the image below).

Do I need to import or activate them somewhere?



@mpaladin are you able to help with this question?


What plugins are installed on your SonarQube server (what is the content of your $SONARQUBE_HOME/extensions/plugins directory?

Also, directly tagging individuals on this forum is a big :x:. Feel free to bump your topic after a few days, but everybody who volunteers to contribute to this community forum also has their day job to get done. :slight_smile:


Apologies Colin - Massimo had been helping me on another thread and I’d created another thread as the topic had changed - I was trying to check he’d seen the new thread I’d created, but I won’t tag again.

In answer to your question:

Hey Lee,

Thanks for the context! Maybe I’m a little too quick to give a slap on the wrist. :confused:

Nothing looks suspect in your plugin directory (just wanted to make sure there were no “unknown” plugins that could be contributing C/C++ rules or messing with existing stuff).

Do you mind sharing a screenshot of your Quality Profiles page (where you see the built-in quality profile has 0 rules)? I just want to make sure I understand what you’re seeing.


Quality Profile C++ built-in (notice zero active or inactive rules

When I create my own quality profile and try to activate more C++ rules I see this:

If I click on clear all filters I see this (notice no C++ rules at all).

If I start to search for a language in the search box, then the string C++ is there, but with no rules:

Is that the images you wanted?

Something is definitely fishy here, and my Elasticsearch senses are tingling.

Can I recommend that you try the following (this will result in some downtime)

  • Stop your SonarQube server
  • Fully remove the data/es6 folder in your SonarQube install directory
  • Start your SonarQube server

SonarQube data will be reindexed – this often solves discrepancies like what you’re observing.

Ah, thanks - that seems to have fixed it!


Is there anything that isn’t fixed by deleting that es6 folder!

I ask myself that everyday.

Glad it’s sorted for you!