No C++ rules in quality profile

Hello There,

We have sonarqube community edition 7.9.6 and we manually installed sonar-cxx-plugin- , but when we check in quality profile we couldn’t see any rules for C++,

can you suggest what we need to do,We can see suggestions No C++ rules to select in a Quality Profile - #7 by Colin_SonarSource
but afraid of loosing data.

Please guide how I can get rules in quality profile or its only way to reindex by removing es6 and restart sonarqube again.


Hello @samkhamk,

sonar-cxx is an unofficial plugin that is not supported on this forum. I advise you to ask for help on their dedicated channel.

SonarQube has its own C++ plugin but it’s only available starting with Developer Edition.

Thank you for giving me proper direction, :slight_smile: I resolved my issue.

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