Custom rule creation for C++ code inspection

Hello, I read in one of the community topics replies that SonarQube doesn’t support the creation of the custom rule for C++, but SonarQube team can help to add rules for the customers, so wanted to check if there is any additional support we can get. We are the existing users of SonarQube.

Hi @CodeHunger, and welcome to our community!

Indeed, we do not currently support custom rules for C++.
We have currently no plan to do so. Still, we are recording interest there.

And yes, we are always happy to hear about rule needs. If we see some value for many users, we will consider them for inclusion.
Would you like to tell us more about this need in a new thread?

Hello Geoffray, Thanks for responding back.
We have a need to develop several custom checks based on our requirements. At this point, we can’t rely on the as-is checks provided by SonarQube. We do coding in other technologies like Java, Javascript, etc. and there we can write our own checks, but we are really struggling with C++ as the existing checks are not enough. It would be great to know if there is any other way, so we could continue to take the best advantage of SonarQube. Thanks.

At the moment, I have only a few suggestions:

  • Sharing your rule ideas, but I understand that they might be too specific to apply to other users
  • Implement a plugin of yours
  • Use some external tool and then import your issues into SonarQube.

I understand that these alternatives may not be entirely satisfactory. Also, feel free to upvote the feature I mentioned in my previous post.