Can I add some custom rules for C++ in sonarqube

I am using sonarqube community 8.9.1.
I want to add some C++ custom rule to sonarqube. How can I create a custom rule?? By Java or any other language
I read on sonarqube’s homepage and found there are 3 ways to add custom rules, but it seems that sonarqube doesn’t support adding custom rules to c++ code by Java

Hello @dungle997 and welcome to our community!

Unfortunately you can’t create a custom rule for C++. As you saw in the documentation, you can import issue reports from another tool but that is it.
What kind of rule did you have in mind? We try to always improve our plugins so if you have ideas of rules that make sense and would help you, do not hesitate to share them.

As a side note, please be aware that analyzing C++ in SonarQube requires the Developer Edition or above.