Unable to restore all the rules by restoring the quality profiles from Old sonar (5.6.4) to new Sonar (7.6)

We’re in the process of upgrading to new Sonar version 7.6. Our current version is 5.6.4.

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As part of this, we’re trying to backup the quality profiles (along with the rules) from current sonar version and restore it in new Sonar version.

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But, we’re seeing an issue that, it is not restoring all the rules. Say, for e.g. in the backup xml, it is having 168 rules. But, while restoring, it does only the 4 rules.

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    Is there any way to identify whether the rules are customized? If so, can we restore the customized rules from Old Sonar to new Sonar.

Are we missing anything? Is there any other way to import the rules from old sonar version?


Two things jump out to me. First, it’s possible you have missing rules after profile restore because you’re missing the underlying analyzers that provide those rules. So you should make sure that both instances have (correct versions of) the same plugins installed.

But more importantly, you shouldn’t need to restore the profiles. Instead, you should back up your database (as described in the Upgrade procedure) and then upgrade your server, first to 6.7 and then to your target version (which should probably be 7.7 now that it’s out).


Thanks Ann. Sorry for the delayed response. We’re trying to build the plugin jars as per new version and push it to new sonar. We’re having some issues on those plugins due to some class reference. We’re working on it. Hopefully, it will resolve.