Quality Profile Rule missing when we restart the sonarqube server

How to restore the original Quantity Profile rule. We had created a new PL/SQL rule, Ex: “wpg plsql rule”, But when we restart the Server , the rule has been all gone. How can we retrieve the rules from default or restore the rule we created ?

Hey there.

How did you implement the rule? Was it based on a rule template, or is it a custom plugin that you deployed to your SonarQube server?

Hi, Colin,
Sorry, I have no idea how to setup the rule at the begining. I wondering if there any ways to restore the rule and active the rule. I capture the screen for you reference.

It looks like something may have gone wrong with the Elasticsearch index that backs your SonarQube server. You should try:

  • Stopping your SonarQube server
  • Deleting the /data/es7 folder from your SonarQube installation directory
  • Starting your SonarQube server

Hi, Colin, Thank you for your reply. We decide to re-install the sonarquber server and re-build the rules . Thanks seriously.