Installing new instance of Sonarqube with an old URL

So to preface, at the moment we have a URL

It was installed by someone who was in the company before me and used only once or twice. It is running on version sonarqube- at the moment, but on the Linux server where the zip file is present, there is no installation file as you would expect with the conf and bin folders and the properties file. Following is what the only directory with any sonarqube content looks like

I need to update the 8.5.1 to 8.9.10, and according to the walkthrough, I need to copy the 8.9.10 in another directory, and then copy the contents of the old properties file, and then stop the old instance by running a command in the terminal.

But since I do not have any old installation folder, or properties file, how do I do that?

Is there any way to ‘decouple’ the URL from the old installation and run it on the new 8.9.10 installation, without knowing anything about the old version?

Thanks for the help.

Hey there.

I suggest having another look for the SonarQube installation directory – and in fact, SonarQube itself should be able to tell you where it is in the global Administration > System section of your SonarQUbe instance.

Hi Colin.

Thank you for your response.

I have indeed found the correct directory, but now have a new query, for which I have created another thread.

Can you please have a look there if possible?