Trying to upgrade Sonarqube to latest LTS version but unsuccessful


I have been tasked with updating sonarqube to the latest version and have been following the upgrade steps listed in the Demo video (Webinar | Ace Your SonarQube Upgrade | Thank You Page | Sonar) as we are trying to update from version to 8.9 LTS and so on to the latest version. This is a virtualized deployment in VMware vSphere on CentOS 7 and our Java version is OpenJDK version “11.0.6” 2020-01-14 LTS.

My issue right now is that I attempt to stop the 8.1 service via ./ stop command from the 8.1 directory, but it states this service is not started. I can only stop the sonarqube service with the systemctl stop sonarqube command. I then try to start the 8.9 instance using the ./ start command but it doesn’t work. I did not build this instance so I am not sure what method and files structure sonarqube was deployed into. As far as I can tell, SonarQube is installed in /opt/sonarqube- directory.

What am I missing? Why won’t the new 8.9 LTS version overtake the older 8.1 version?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

If you’re ready to upgrade, it’s probably a good time to uninstall the existing service (particularly so it doesn’t keep trying to start when you stop it), and install a new service with SonarQube v8.9 LTS (or skip that for now if you’re just trying to get to v9.9 LTS)

What’s the output of the start command, and/or what do the logs say?