Upgrade from Sonarqube 8.1 to 9.1

We are thinking about upgrade from Sonarqube Community Edition 8.1 to 9.1.
We have consulted the guides of ‘Documentation’ Upgrade Guide | SonarQube Docs but could you make a list, briefly naming, the main steps?
From what we have understood, it would be simply unzip the new version in a different folder and point in the configuration files to this, right? And the database server unchanged, right?
Would the configurations made up to now be kept? For example, the quality gates that we have configured, would they be maintained? and registered users?

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I’m not going to be able to state it better than the documentation you found.

To your specific questions:

You need to update the config file in the newly unzipped instance. From the docs:

  1. Update the contents of sonar.properties and wrapper.conf files (in $NEW_SONAR_HOME/conf ) with the settings of the related files in the $OLD_SONAR_HOME/conf directory (web server URL, database, ldap settings, etc.). Do not copy-paste the old files. If you are using the Oracle DB, copy its JDBC driver into $NEW_SONAR_HOME/extensions/jdbc-driver/oracle


Those things are all stored in the DB and since you’ll be pointing the new instance to the DB, yes you’ll retain all your old/current data.


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