Installation vs license?

Currently setting up a brand-new DevSecOps CI/CD pipeline interfacing with a fledgling DevOps flow. They have looked at Community Edition but Security feel they need Enterprise to get reporting, more than code smells, and language support (ObjC, etc.)

If they install Community and we buy an Enterprise license, is it the same install and I just give then the license on top of what they’ve already done or is it a fresh install/start?

If they install Enterprise without a license, will it just function in “Community Mode” until I get the license?

Looking for a technical sales PoC if possible for an Enterprise License. Thanks!

Ryan Skinner

Hi Ryan,

Welcome to the community!

Each edition has its own download bundle, so it’s the same database but not the same SonarQube instance.

Enterprise Edition will not run in “Community Mode”. You’ll be able to use the interface, but not analyze projects. Go ahead and get started on Community. When (if?) you upgrade editions, you’ll simply download the new bundle and follow the normal upgrade procedure, altho if you’re upgrading within versions, you won’t need to run the “database upgrade” step.

W/R/T a technical sales PoC, I believe you’ll get that once you contact us to start the evaluation and sales process.