Install option is not available for commercial plugins from the Marketplace UI

We are not able to install the commercial plugins(part of Enterprise Edition) from the Marketplace UI. Only manual installation is possible. Whereas, we are able to install the opensource plugins from Marketplace UI. As you can notice in the attached screenshot, the install option is not available from the UI for commercial plugins. Could you please let us know the reason?

  • versions used - SonarQube 8.3.1 Enterprise Edition(We have license for Enterprise Edition)


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You don’t have to install anything; it’s all there for you. Your screenshot is showing that you already have T-SQL analysis on board.

And FYI, this interface will change in the forthcoming 8.5 to not show built-in features as “plugins” anymore.


Thanks Ann for the response.
We used Helm Chart from github and installed the community edition first. It is on AKS.
Later when we got the license, we have upgraded it to Enterprise Edition. Therefore, no plugins were installed initially.
We manually installed all the open source plugins from marketplace using the Web UI. But, we are not able to do the same for commercial plugins which comes with Enterprise Edition.
We could only install by copying the jars to extensions/plugins directory. Please let us know the options for installing the commercial plugins from marketplace directly.


Hi Antony,

To be clear, we don’t support the helm chart, & so can’t be held responsible for it. We do have official images available in Docker Hub. You’ll find that all of the official distributions come complete, with no further plugin installations necessary to get all the functionality.

Regarding the plugins, I suspect the Docker install docs may be useful. Note that we’ve just released 8.5, which changes the model for embedded features so they’re no longer delivered as plugins. That means that from 8.5 your plugins directory is expected to be empty except for any 3rd-party plugins you install.