Commercial editions and plugins

Hello, we’re running Enterprise 8.9 LTS

Installing a plugin is a manual operation. Please refer to the documentation

Well that was a surprise coming from Community Edition…


If you’re using a commercial edition or your server doesn’t have internet access, you won’t be able to rely on the Marketplace for plugins, and you will have to handle plugin installations and upgrades manually.
To see what plugins are available and which version of a plugin is appropriate for your server, use the plugin version matrix, which is kept up to date with current plugin availability and compatibility.
To install a plugin, simply download it using the manual download link on the plugin documentation page, place it in $SONARQUBE-HOME/extensions/plugins , and restart the server.

My questions:

  1. What “manual download link on the plugin documentation page”? Where is said page, please? Where are the plugins for download? I don’t see any links in the plugin compatibility matrix or otherwise.
  2. Why is the plugin install/update experience crippled in the paid versions? There’s surely a reason. Could you share?
  3. How do I force disablement of bundled plugins, like Google Authentication, when I can’t even see the bundled/installed plugins? Is this normal?

Thanks for any assistance.

Hi. There’s an explanation here: Marketplace disabled in non-Community versions? - #2 by Colin_SonarSource and here: SonarQube v8.5 and Beyond: Where did all the plugins go?

Basically, commercial editions of SonarQube don’t support the marketplace anymore and the plugins developed by SonarSource are bundled in SQ, so you don’t need to download them. You can’t remove or update bundled plugins.

If you want to use a plugin from a third-party, you’ll need to download and install that plugin manually.

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Felipe, thanks. So for a fresh install with no plugins downloaded and installed manually yet, is the “blank” screenshot shown above the normal starting point?

Yes, that’s normal.

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