How to use sonar-cfamily-plugin- in SonarQube-8.9?

I want to use sonar-cfamily-plugin- in SonarQube-8.9 which has sonar-cfamily-plugin-

when i put sonar-cfamily-plugin- to the extensions/plugins, i get a error:

Web server startup failed: Found a plugin ‘SonarCFamily’ in the directory ‘extensions\plugins’ with the same key [cpp] as a built-in feature ‘CFamily Code Quality and Security’. Please remove ‘extensions\plugins\sonar-cfamily-plugin-’.

Hey there.

It’s not supporoted to swap in an older analyzer version – they are tied to the SonarQube version.

Why do you want to use the older analyzer version?

The developer of my project need sonar-cfamily-plugin- because it do not need to build the project.

Is there any way to use sonar-cfamily-plugin-

Hey there.

A build-wrapper, with a clean build, is a hard requirement on modern versions of SonarQube to get accurate and relevant analysis results. That’s why we removed the ability to bypass the build-wrapper: inaccurate results can be more dangerous (and annoying) than no results at all.

You may be interested to know that in SonarQube v9.1 it became possible to pass a compilation database to analysis instead of output from the build wrapper.