Cannot install SonarCFamily plugin on 8.2-developer docker image

Help is appreciated, the product is useless to me now…

Hello @Maxime_Vincent,

As a workaround, until this issue is fixed, you can always download the plugin manually here. Copy the jar to extensions\plugins in the SonarQube directory.

Note: for the Cfamily analyzer make sure you run the build-wrapper and the sonar-scanner on the same host machine.


Thanks. I noticed all the plugins are missing from the docker image, indeed…
I have downloaded the developer release, and manually deployed all the plugins to my docker container.
It works now, but I consider this a major issue in the SonarQube docker image.

@Maxime_Vincent, What are the plugins other than the Cfamily that you couldn’t download from the marketplace?

SonarCFamily was the most important one, but as I said, I noticed not a single plugin was installed in the SoanrQube docker image. The extensions/plugins directory was empty.
I copied all of the *.jar files from the into my docker container,
instead of bothering to find which ones could or could not be installed using the marketplace.

@Maxime_Vincent, Did you setup the volume for the extensions directory like it is mentioned in the doc?
That might explain why the commercial plugins weren’t installed correctly.


I did, actually. That’s how I deployed the docker container, and installed Postgres as DB.