Should I upgrade to the latest SonarQube Server Developer Edition 8.6 - CFamily plugin incompatible

Hi, I am posting to get some advice on the best way to upgrade my instance of SonarQube Server Developer Edition. Currently we are on version and the latest available version is 8.6.

We use the CFamily scanner plugin (in the plugins folder I see sonar-cfamily-plugin- Looking at the Plugin Version Matrix, it looks like there isn’t a supported version of the “CFamily Code Quality and Security” plugin. I assume this is the same plugin; please correct me if I’m wrong.

What is the best way forward? Would you recommend I upgrade to version 8.4, the latest version of SonarQube DE which will work with a recent version of the CFamily plugin? Is a new CFamily plugin in the pipeline to support versions 8.5 and 8.6?

Thanks - apologise for any obvious questions - I’m a newbie.

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You’re not wrong but the Plugin Version Matrix is… not quite right.

For a couple versions now, all analyzers have been bundled in as libraries and are no longer upgradable outside of upgrading SonarQube itself. The Plugin Version Matrix generator hasn’t been upgraded to reflect the new reality so what you see in the matrix is misleading.

Go ahead & do the SonarQube upgrade. You’ll get the latest/greatest & everything should work fine.


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Hi @meenalkb, if you are using VSTest with test coverage, take care of Null Pointer Exception during SonarScanner while Parsing VisualStudio Code Coverage Report - Report a bug - SonarSource Community. After upgrading to SQ 8.6 yesterday I’m now in trouble.

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Thank you for the heads up; we don’t use VSTest so this problem doesn’t affect us. Are you intending to roll back to a previous SonarQube version, if that’s possible?

Thank you for the information, @ganncamp - I will attempt an upgrade later today.

Rollback would mean restoring previous database. It seems that not all builds are affected, up to now I only saw it on C++. C# and Java are still working for us at the moment. Therefore I disabled codecoverage in SonarAnalyzer for the moment. (I character change in azurepipelines.yml)

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