Does Sonarqube DE 8.3.1 work with CFamily Scanner 6.6?

Dear Support,

Currently we are running Sonarqube Developer Edition 8.1, with CFamily Scanner 6.6.0 (build 13759).

Does the latest Sonarqube Developer edition ( work with the older CFamily scanner of 8.1?

I am very excited about the new dashboard of the 8.3.1 version, but I would like to stay on the current CFamily scanner that we use, as a new scanner always brings new rules, or modified thresholds, which actually ‘break’ the existing scoring.


If I process the linked table properly, 8.3 only works with the 6.9 scanner, but please confirm.


Whatever version of the analyzer came bundled in SonarQube 8.1 will work with it. And versions up through the current 6.8 will work with it. The Plugin Version Matrix is always updated to reflect the newest compatible version. Older versions may be compatible, but since the point of the matrix is to guide upgrade decisions there’s no reason to show them.


Hi @tcsabina,

new version of the analyzer brings new rules, new rules may break your scoring as you say and hopefully for a good reason, and, as a note, at worse it would break your quality gate only for issues in the leak period, which is supposed to be recent code.

About the break your scoring, are you more interested to not break your scoring and just have a green badge or to catch a potential bug which may crash your code?

If we add a new rule to the default quality profile it is because we believe it brings value to our users, if it is not the case we really welcome your feedback.


So 6.6 will not work with SonarQube 8.3, right?

Hi Massimo,

You are right. We want the improved scanner.

But the thing is, that a modified scoring is influencing the sprint outcome of the developers. So the scanner update has to be timed to a sprint end/start, not somewhere in the middle.

If 8.3 would work with the 6.6 scanner, I could roll out the new Sonarqube right away, and when the ongoing sprints are done, I could update the scanner.
Now I have to wait a few days. Not a big deal…


TBH, it’s really not clear to me, which is why I gave you a kinda dodgy answer to start with. …Probably?


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