How to import xml rules into Eclipse SonarLint


(Edmund) #1

We have a SonarQube server in our company but the IT Support Team says they do not support SonarLint connectivity.

My team managed to export a list of xml rules that my company enforces in the SonarQube scan but how can we import this xml rulelist into Eclipse so that we can make use of SonarLint to better our code (instead of completing our code, running the SonarQube scan and then rework our code).

(Julien Henry) #2

Hi again :wink:

That’s strange your SonarQube server doesn’t support SonarLint. Is it that old?

Anyway, we don’t have a way to manually export/import rules in SonarLint. One way to share the rules in standalone mode is to rely on IDE tools like OOMPH. One developer has to do the effort to configure rules in the Eclipse preferences, then share this configuration with other developers.