New release: SonarLint for Eclipse 3.6

Hi guys,

I’m happy to announce a new version of SonarLint for Eclipse (3.6). It’s available in Eclipse Marketplace, and also on Bintray:

The main changes in this version:

  • Update embedded analyzer versions: Java 5.4, PHP 2.13, Python 1.10
  • Manage active rules in standalone mode (see Rules Configuration preferences page)
  • Many important bugfixes and improvements

See the complete list of changes in the release notes:



the sonarlint sle site still has 3.5


Indeed. The official announcement and the homepage update usually comes a few days after the general availability. I couldn’t help but share the good news :slight_smile:


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hi @janos,
I have one query.
Is it possible to enable few rules in sonar lint installed one eclipse instance and then import in different eclipse or you can say in different machine with sonar int installed instead of doing same activity in all developer. By this we can save effort and time required to do that. Waiting for update.

You can probably do that using OOMPH or Workspace Mechanics. But also consider using connected mode with a SonbarQube instance if you start having team grade needs.

hi @Julien_HENRY,
Is it possible to import/export sonar rules set in sonarlint plugin?
So that once I activate few rules in my eclipse I can export that and some one will export that .

Here I am talking about only sonar rules set not any other exteranl like pmd or check style.



Have you looked at these tools?

SonarLint preferences (including rules) are stored in Eclipse standard preference mechanism.

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@Julien_HENRY is it now possible to import XML rules into Eclipse?

Hi @edmundtansw.
What about opening a new thread to ask your question, with some details about your use case? I don’t think people in this old thread are interested by this new topic.

Thanks for your understanding.