SonarLint for Eclipse 5.3.0 released

We are pleased to announce new version of SonarLint for Eclipse.

Changes for this version:

  • We added rule parameters configuration for projects that are not bound to SonarQube or SonarCloud:
  • Python
    • 18 new code quality rules
    • Support Typeshed packages,
    • 4 new type checking rules related to operators, calls, item and iterable operations
  • Java
    • Rules targeting AssertJ
    • Rules targeting regexp and support of Java 14
  • PHP
    • 14 new rules

See full release notes here: Release Notes - SonarSource

This version is available from Eclipse marketplace.


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Nice!!! i had a question for Vulnerabilities, Is there a plan to add this scope in Sonarlint?

Hello Crispin.
Thank you for your question.
We have some security vulnerabilities detection in SonarLint already.
Like rules below:

  • Encryption algorithms should be used with secure mode and padding scheme
  • LDAP deserialization should be disabled
  • LDAP connections should be authenticated

and many others from this list.

But also we have number of rules that can be analysed only on SonarQube/SonarCloud. And speaking about them - yes, we have a plan to support browsing of this issues in SonarLint. It’s in the road map for this year.

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