Which kind of java rules can be sync from sonarQube to eclipse throuth sonarLint?

I’m now using SonarQube 7.2.1, SonarLint 4.2 and eclipse 4.6.3
I can sucessfully bind a project from eclipse to sonarqube.
But after analyzed sonarlint report shows no issues.
In sonarqube I set customized java rules as default.
So I consider my customized java rules can’t be sync.
Which kind of java rules can be sync? Or where I am wrong.
Who can help me, thank you.


only Java rules provided by Sonarsource Java plugin - see quality profile ‘Sonar way’ - are available in Sonarlint, no Findbugs … etc. Also, when implementing your own custom rule via Sonarqube api, you may activate it for Sonarlint by configuration in pom.xml


Thank you for your answer. Could you give me an example how to config pom.xml .


You have to use sonarLintSupported true.