Custom rules in SonarLint


(daisy9784666) #1

I have a similar problem, I use a custom rule set, but not on sonarlint in Eclipse

Problems synchronizing SonarLint with custom rules defined on the SonarQube server
(Nicolas Bontoux) #2


Before anything I would suggest you make sure to refresh all project bindings (in SonarLint) after you modified the Quality Profile. That way you ensure that SonarLint is in synch with latest state on SonarQube side.

Then if any issue remains, you should review the detailed logs of the analysis (available in the SonarLint console) and double-check the data being fetched/applied.

(daisy9784666) #3

My problem is that the default rules are available on sonarlint, but the jar packages I upload myself are not

(Nicolas Bontoux) #4

That was going to be my next question, i.e. which rule are we talking about specifically. I confirm that SonarLint does not support custom analyzers.

(daisy9784666) #5

This means that sonarqube supports upload custom jar packages, but sonarlint does not support upload custom jar packages?

(Gilbert Rebhan) #6

in case you’ve created custom Java rules and wonder why they don’t appear in Sonarlint.
You have to explicitely activate Sonarlint support in your pom.xml:


sonarLintSupported has to be set true.