Problems synchronizing SonarLint with custom rules defined on the SonarQube server

I’m trying to configure the SonarLint plugin in STS to work with a custom set of rules defined on the SonarQube server we have.

The problem
When using SonarLint to launch the analysis, the rules taken aren’t those defined on the SonarQube server but default rules.

Problem context
SonarQube community edition v.
SonarLint v. 3.6
Spring Tool Suite v. 3.9.4
On Master branch

Step by step description
The values of the enum showed on the left trigger the rule displayed on the right of the screen.

To customize this rule, I went to SonarQube and defined a new naming convention for the constants.

I then removed the old rule that was causing problems from being applied when a scan is triggered in SonarQube.

In STS, the project is correctly bound to SonarQube

But triggering an analysis by right clicking on the repo I just bound -­> SonarLint → Analysis yields no results.

Analysis when done by clicking on any other portion of the project just uses rules that are local to SonarLint.

What am I missing? Help!

EDIT: I removed screenshot because new accounts have a restriction on them. Will add them on demand.

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Before anything I would suggest you make sure to refresh all project bindings (in SonarLint) after you modified the Quality Profile. That way you ensure that SonarLint is in synch with latest state on SonarQube side.

Then if any issue remains, you should review the detailed logs of the analysis (available in the SonarLint console) and double-check the data being fetched/applied.