How to config the sonarlint rules for eclipse?

I installed Sonarqube (version 7.1 ) and sonarLint for Eclipse (version 3.6)。I already bound project in sonarQube Server. When I used default Quality allocation “Sonar way” settings for my project ,sonarLint is work.Now I installed a plugin: PMD 2.7-SNAPSHOT from market place.I created new Quality allocation and active some rules from PMD (Specifically only the prefix “p3c”). I changed my project Quality allocation to this new one, and when I used maven sonar:sonar ,the rules is work ,but use sonarLint in eclipse ,the "p3c"rules is not work.I already “update all project bindings” .
My English is not good, want to know more details, please leave me a message, thank you very much.

Maybe it’s compatibility. The post below is very similar to my question

Sonarlint doesn’t support external engines like Findbugs/Checkstyle/PMD
For custom rules based on Sonarqube Api it is possible to activate Sonarlint support in pom.xml


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Thank you for your reply.

I have the same problem to be solved, and I want to ask if you have put the solution into the corresponding jar package, and my jar package is always packaged and failed, and if you solve it, can you share the jar package to me?