SonarLint with custom SonarQube rules plugin


(suja) #1

I have created a customrules plugin for SonarQube that analyzes tibco code. This plugin is functioning as desired, and its results can be seen within the SonarQube UI.

I am now attempting to use SonarLint in tibco 6.4 business Studio by binding a solution to the one contained on my SonarQube instance.
However, the custom rules are not being used when the code is analyzed via SonarLint in Business Studio.

Does anyone have advice on getting this custom rules plugin to work with SonarLint in Tibco 6.4 Business Studio?

Thanks in advance

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(Duarte Meneses) #2


Currently SonarLint only supports some of the plugins developed by SonarSource. There are many changes needed for plugins to work well in the SonarLint environment and without affecting its performance which is why not all plugins run in it.