Problem with using custom quality profile in SonarLint (eclipse)

Hello all. I have made a custom quality profile with 15 rules that I want to use to analyze my projects in Eclipse. I have set it as the default profile on SonarQube localhost and connected it to SonarLint in Eclipse binding to SonarQube.

The problem is that it takes some rules that I have not defined and not those that I have in the default profile.

Is it a bug in the tool in Eclipse or have I configured something wrong? Thank you.

Hi @jmvol

Creating a connection in Eclipse is not enough. You also have to bind your Eclipse project to a SonarQube project (right click on a project in Eclipse → SonarLint → bind).

Then your Eclipse project should be analyzed with the same quality profile as the project in SonarQube.

Every time you change the quality profile on SonarQube side, you have to tell SonarLint to update the binding (in the SonarLint Bindings view, right click on a connection, update all projects bindings).

Note that there are some rules that SonarLint will not “execute”. You can see the list in the FAQ.

Hope that helps!

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