How do I remove an existing GitLab integration?

We have an existing integration with a GitLab group in our organization but we would like to integrate with a different group. It seems, though, that we are not able to do this ourselves.

Is there someone in support who can reset the integration we can define a new one?
My only other option seems to be to remove the current organization and then make a new one but that means losing all the stats. That is not acceptable ATM :slight_smile:


The group it’s connected to has moved. So I either need to update the link to the group and then add a new token. Or - better for us - I can replace the link.
It’s currently linked to gitlab/axual-public but that group doesn’t exist anymore. We’d like to link it to another top-level group so all of our subgroups and projects get the benefit of sonarcloud integration! :smiley: :star2:

Could someone please advise us on how to replace the broken GitLab integration?

I can’t simply delete the organization and create a new one because that will purge all of our statistics.
I can’t get a new token because the original group in gitlab is no longer used.

Hi @dreams,

Sorry for the delay.
This is currently not supported yet for Gitlab , we’ll have to take manual action on our side.
I’ll reach out to you by PM to get the details of your organization.

Thanks, I already knew that. My colleague mentioned that.

I’ll get back to you tomorrow.

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