Cannot link my organization to GitLab


We are using GitLab as our ALM and CI/CD. Our organization in Sonar Cloud was previously linked to a BitBucket that is now retired.

When I follow the steps here GitLab integration, it says

To import your GitLab projects into SonarQube, you need to first set your global SonarQube settings. Navigate to Administration > Configuration > General Settings > DevOps Platform Integrations, select the GitLab tab, and specify the following settings:

I don’t have a configuration tab in my organization administration menu.

It seems that deleting our organization from BitBucket might have broken something here.


Hi @breaultjean_uz

It seems that you’re referring to SonarQube documentation.

You can find SonarCloud GitLab integration docs here and the GitLab CI integration docs here.

I hope it helps,