Housekeeping activities for SonarQube 7.2.1 Community edition

Please assist us to list the best practices to be followed using SonarQube 7.2.1 Community edition to check and maintain sonarqube analysis as Green as possible . We are having too many open files issues while analyzing huge project, which is getting fixed at the moment by restart.

Housekeeing Checklist ? Need assistence in housekeeping activities



Could you clarify your problem a little? Specifically, you mentioned restarting, which implies to me that after processing of the large project is complete the file handles remain open / aren’t released? Or is this a transient problem of needing more handles than is allowed during processing, but everything goes back to normal once the job is complete?


Ann, Thanks for the quick response.

Analysis of large project happens daily and completes successfully. Issue with file handles occurs every 15-20 days time frame and thereafter every analysis fails, At that moment we take SonarQube server restart which fixes the open files issue for some days. Again after few days, this issue occurs.

file handles remain open or aren’t released on regular basis or after every analysis, which might be causing this issue ?


Could you bump up the file handle limit on the SonarQube server? IIRC the recommendation is twice what you currently allow. Also, what’s the last error message you see before all the analyses start failing?


Hi Ann

Is there a possibility to clean-up ignoring version events?


Hi Kaushik,

This seems a bit tangential, but if I understand correctly, you’re talking about deleting snapshots? That can be done manually on the activity page by anyone with admin rights on the project. If you’re talking about adjusting the automatic cleanup, you can do that at the project level in Administration > General Settings. At the global level it’s at the top of the first page you get when you choose the Administration menu item. For automatic cleanup snapshots with any type of event are exempt for the first 2 years by default, and snapshots with version events are exempt for the first 5 years.