Housekeeping on application / portfolio

Hi there!

I’m running Sonarqube deployed with the zip, and with an AWS RDS instance as DB.

I’ve an application composed of 20 projects, and the activity tab and graph of the application are really slow. After an investigation, we can observe that the application doesn’t follow the housekeeping rules, so that there is many events in the activity tab. The graph in the application view take ~ 22 seconds to be displayed, and the activity tab is really slow and cause crashes of the browser.

As an example, one of the housekeeping rule specifies that we want to keep one analysis per month after 4 month, which is respected in the projects, but not in the application view (I can observe multiple analysis / activity per day 1 year ago).

This issue causes Sonarqube to be hard to use.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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