Github bounding to our Sonarcloud does not work anymore

Hi, we have TWO paid organisations (yeah I know, not handy)
The first and most used one is bound to Github, the second one is not. Because only one binding is possible.

Problem: Someone advertently bound the second one to Github, and thus broke the bounding of the first one.

I am now trying to fix this, but I am stuck:

  • first I uninstalled the SonarCloud app in Github.
  • next I started the bounding from the Organization Settings screen in the first SonarCloud instance
  • when the freshly SonarCloud app in Github redirects back to Sonarcloud, I get a red message popup “ID 123456678 does not exist” and an forever rotating cursor.
  • when refreshing the page, I go into a dialog to create a NEW sonarcloud instance. There is no option to bind to an existing one.

Please help!

Best, Léon

Hey @leontebbens

Thanks for getting in touch with us about this.

I’ll admit that I’m a bit confused – and maybe I’m just missing some detail that will make it click.

If I have an organization on SonarCloud that is bound to an organization on GitHub, and I then go to another (manually created) organization and start the binding process… I’m presented with a screen where I can only configure existing applications, not actually attach the application to the GitHub organization (and therefore complete the binding).

Any idea what step I’m missing that your user took?

Hi Colin, I pressed this button on instance ONE:

Next I got this

And then

I cannot choose the existing SonarCloud org here, it says “this name is already taken”.

Yes, it is solved!

I took another route: remove the SonarCloud app from Github. And reinstall it from the Github marketplace. Now I was able to bind to the existing SonarCloud org :slight_smile:


Thanx for your (quick) response, it triggered me to explore other ways

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